About Cuisine.in

Have you ever tasted a friend's cooking and said "I have to get the recipe for that!"? Or have you often thought that one of your own recipes deserves to be shared with the world?

Cuisine.in provides a place to share those favorite recipes. Through the various features of the site, we make it easy to submit your own recipes and find new ones to experiment with. Registration is quick and easy Signup today!

Recipe Database

All recipes in the database are contributed by members, and only members can rate and review other recipes. The reviewing and rating system shows how popular a recipe is -who knows, one of your own might even become one of our popular recipe. By providing feedback on other recipes you can help to make great recipes almost perfect!

Recipes are sorted into categories and sub-categories for easy browsing. There is also a search feature to search the entire database or just within a category. Once you have found the recipe you are looking for, you can email it to friends, print it out or file it in your own inline Recipe Book.

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To fully utilise the features of cuisine web site you need to become a member. Membership is free and allows you to submit your own recipes, write reviews, email recipes to friends and can save recipes in your Save Recipe list. Want to see full-sized recipe photos? You can if you are a member. Members can also participate in the Good to Know to discuss joining as a member is easy: Go to the Signup page. Enter your details in the Signup form and complete your registration. Wait for your validation email and confirm your membership by clicking the link in email.

If you have any questions about becoming a member at cuisine.in, please contact us.