What is Cuisine.in ?

Cuisine.in is a platform for showcasing the recipes that you have created in your kitchen. People from around the world have ideas and create lot of recipes each and every day.  In Cuisine you can create your recipe portfolio and share with your friends, families and with people all around the world.

It is free? 

It is absolutely free.

I want to publish or share my recipe, how to do?

First of all you need to signup or create an account (it’s free) with cuisine.in, then you can publish your recipe/ cuisine under your name. After Login in your account, click on yellow button “Submit Your Recipe”, which is on top right hand corner, a form will open and follow the steps….then publish your recipe.

Is it mandatory to signup or create an account?

To search, share and view the recipe it not mandatory to create an account. During  save or publish a recipe, it is mandatory to create an account. 

How many photos and videos can I upload in Cuisine ?

At this stage you can upload two photos and one video for a particular recipe. Upload relevant photos and video of your recipe. Any copyright item or indecent item will be modify or delete by Cuisine.  In some cases, Cuisine has the right to delete or block the recipe and the user account (refer to Terms of Service). 

Any specification of the photos and videos ?

Each recipe photo should be equal or less than 1 MB in size, 600 X  400 pixels and  in jpg, jpeg or png file format. For video, it is recommended to use Youtube.com’s  embedded link to upload your video.

Still I couldn’t submit/ upload the photos and video?

Don’t worry… Upload or publish your recipe as usual without photo and simultaneously email us (from Contact Us page) the photos  and video, we will do it for you. Remember, mention your recipe title, your name and email address while submission.

Can I submit more than one recipe ?

Yes, as much as you can.

I have a recipe, but don’t have any photo/video ? 

Don’t worry. If it’s your creation, still you can share your creative ideas with people through cusine.in. Sometimes it’s necessary to visualise the outcome of the product. But still if you don’t have… contact us, and give us the permission, we can add relevant recipe photos with your recipe from our royalty free recipe photo database. 

I couldn’t access to my account?

Contact Us , with your name, email address and the details that the problem you are facing. We will resolve the issue as quick as possible.

After I upload the recipe in Cuisine.in, can I modify or delete the recipe?

At this time, No. If you think you need to modify or delete the recipe, then let us know. Contact us, with a small brief… what to do, your recipe name and email address, we will do it for you.

I have a good recipe which is not mine, Can I publish that one?

We encourage, use your own creation. Pleas avoid copyright material or anyone’s  idea to publish in cuisine. Remember it’s easy to publish someone’s recipe without their consent, but it is very hard, to create a new thing. It takes lot of efforts, hard work, dedication, time and thinking. So respect someone’s idea and try to avoid them. Still if you publish any outsource material, use the source details, at the bottom of the page.

How to write “Ingredients” in Submit Your Recipe Page?

Let’s say, you have couple of ingredients to make a recipe. Now how to write the ingredients step by step? In “Ingredients” section you can add one ingredient (with measurement) in one box and the by pressing “Add Ingredients” button you can drop down the boxes. Here is the screen shot, hope it will help…

How to write “Methods” step by step in Submit Your Recipe Page ?

In “Methods” , write each step in each box.  By pressing the “ Add another Step”  you can drop down the boxes… and write the steps. Here is a screen shot….hope it helps.

What this “ ” symbol means ?

In Submit Your Recipe page, you can drag this symbol up and down, by rearranging the recipe boxes, so to arrange the ingredients or the steps/methods of the recipe.

What is “Notes” ?

After ingredients and methods there is “Notes” section….here you can add some valuable tips relate to the  recipe which will help other people to understand and make your recipe easy to cook.

What is “Tag” and how to write it ?

Tag means, it’s a bunch of words separate by commas, which will reflect in home page on “Popular Tag” section. As a result your recipe can be easily searchable. Keep in mind, two words should be separated by commas and the words should be relevant with your recipe. Here is the screen shot… 

I have more questions ?

Sure, feel free to drop us a line  at admin@cuisine.in or ask  us on Facebook @cuisine.in